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Will your impact for 2023 be up in lights?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

"In order to stand out, we first have to know what we stand for."
- Simon Sinek-

HypeMogulPR is hosting a 2-day offsite event: 2023 UP IN LIGHTS!

The most impactful businesses, leaders, and change-makers have something in common: They stand for something. Their purpose drives action, and their commitment to it delivers outcomes.

Do you know what you stand for?

Join us on January 27th - 29th in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland to develop your own guiding principles and highest-impact personal brand.

We'll share some tools to:

♥ Find your story and how to stand for something with conviction

♥ Define your purpose and guideposts for this moment in time

♥ Infuse meaning and power into everything you do

♥ Engage with clients, customers, staff, partners, and family as a compelling force of nature, unapologetically.

The event will be hosted and led by experienced facilitator Peta Ellis.

Across the two days, she will guide you through some activities that will help to establish a theme for your year and identify your personal legacy, along with harnessing your own unique gifts and establishing a process to supercharge them to drive achievable outcomes.

Watch the video explainer here.

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