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Transformation & Becoming

As a kid, my favourite movie was Grease; I've watched it countless times.

Here are my top five favourite moments:

  1. The opening scene with Sandy and Danny on the beach. I believed this was the ultimate romantic setting: a sunset, beach, love, and fun.

  2. Danny's genuine excitement upon seeing Sandy again at the school event's carpark, before he pretends to be cool.

  3. The Drive-in scene for the nostalgic vibe of the cars and the entire atmosphere before Danny's inappropriate move.

  4. The race scene in the drain, primarily because of the cars. Sandy realising the time to ‘shed’ is now.

  5. The moment Sandy ditches her "good girl" persona, she reveals her authentic self at the fete.

There's a lot of debate about the meaning of this movie and this particular scene. Some believe Sandy needed to fit in, but I see it the other way around. The "good girl" was playing the game, and the "bad" Sandy was eager to break free.

I admired her transformation—the hair, the energy, the black outfit, the red shoes, the smoking, and the guys' reactions. These elements made a strong impression on me as a young girl, even if I didn't fully understand their implications.

Now, at 46, I believe Sandy was aligning with her true self.

She was sexy and confident, neither "bad" nor "good." She stood out from the crowd and was okay with it.

I think a universal "Sandy moment" is happening, with more women embracing their individuality. They're ditching the pastel cardigans and slipping into black leathers instead. Why not? It's liberating. They're throwing off society's expectations and embracing their uniqueness with gusto.

More and more of my clients are experiencing their own "Sandy moment," and they're asking for more, doing more, saying more and becoming more.

Nothing speaks “blend’ more than pastels, pearls, perfect bangs & bob.

So, put on those red shoes, lipstick, and tantalising underwear and let loose.

Embrace it, live it, and embody it. It should be more than just a costume; it must be felt under the leather.

To pull it off, you may need to transform into more than just Sandy - it might call for a complete Rizzo overhaul on every level. It will be challenging to harbour any unworthy energy when everything about you demands respect and attention

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