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Ice, Breath and the Number 3!

The HypeMogul Offsite #UpInLights was held in the gorgeous location of

Flaxton in January 2023

Quoting the famous Simon Sinek : "In order to stand out, we first have to know what we stand for." This was the theme for our weekend.

The aim of the weekend was: to disconnect to reconnect.

To be with yourself, show up, look outwards to see inwards and say a giant “hello” to who is ‘IN’.

The power of 3 was weaved across the weekend with 3-minute spontaneous keynotes, 300 repetitions of things that challenged us and a full 3-hour session of breathwork including a 3-minute ice bath immersion; all with the aim of getting clarity on our year ahead - 2023.

Sometimes we get lost in our ‘worlds’.

We continuously live in our minds or our stories, not really in the present or firmly grounded within our bodies.

This affects many things.

When we run on the treadmill of life it's easy to let our intentions slide on

  • how we show up

  • how we relate

  • how we communicate

  • how we do our work

  • how we connect with ourselves and the world around us

  • the message we send to others via our voice, our energy, our essence, and our intent.

Only through reflection can we collect data, our own evidence on what our influences are, and if we are happy with how that plays out.

When are we in our power?

What does it take to engineer that optimal place of being present and powerful at the same time? Once we find it, feel, and recognise it - how can we keep and maintain it?

The balance of our awareness, flow and intent reveals what our key drivers are, and help us to access what we have to bring to the world.

What can you, and will you put up in lights this year?

How do you sit comfortably in your full power with the light shining on you?

The other side of knowing is blocking and resisting.

Critically analysing on how we do that, why or who we enable, and empower to block our power and more importantly, what do we let get in the way of that critical flow?

We cover lots of things over a 2.5-day period, but the most important thing of all is nobody is told to do anything. It’s all optional. It’s self-led with guidance and a structure that is there to support people to identify things within themselves that are ready to be seen.

It’s impactful, life-changing, challenging, confronting and perfect all at once.

It is personal growth.

Change is prickly and in the words of our epic Breath & Ice session coach Tom Molloy The 3 things that are unavoidable are:

  1. Uncertainty

  2. Suffering

  3. Doing the work

Key Takeaway: " The work is the way"

Photo credit: Jannah Dryden JCreate

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