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Celebrated Athlete and Advocate Tahina Booth to Speak at Minerva Queensland Workshop and Event

We are thrilled to announce that Tahina Booth, a former tri-international elite athlete and passionate advocate for gender justice in sports, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Minerva Queensland Workshop and Event. Tahina's incredible journey as an athlete, entrepreneur, and advocate makes her a powerful voice in empowering individuals and promoting gender equality. Her insights and experiences will undoubtedly inspire and motivate attendees at this prestigious event.

Details of the Event:

The Minerva Queensland Workshop and Event will take place in August 2023, providing a unique platform for athletes and entrepreneurs to connect, share their stories, and explore the transition from sports to entrepreneurship. The event aims to equip attendees with valuable insights, tools, and strategies to build successful careers after their professional sports journey.

Tahina Booth will participate in a thought-provoking session during the event, drawing from her diverse background and personal experiences as an athlete. Her session titled "From Athlete to Entrepreneur: Navigating the Journey of Reinvention" will delve into the challenges and opportunities athletes face when transitioning to entrepreneurship. Tahina will share her own journey, offering practical advice, valuable lessons, and inspiration for athletes seeking to forge successful careers beyond their sports careers.

Tahina's powerful messages, dynamic speaking style, and wealth of expertise make her an ideal choice for events focused on gender equality, athlete empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Don't miss the chance to hear Tahina Booth speak at the Minerva Queensland Workshop and Event.

Her insights, passion, and commitment to creating positive change in sports and society are truly inspiring. Register for the event today by visiting [here] and secure your spot to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from Tahina and other esteemed speakers.

Tahina Booth's presence as a keynote speaker at the Minerva Queensland Workshop and Event promises to highlight her unique perspectives, experiences, and unwavering commitment to empowering athletes and promoting gender equality.

This event is an excellent opportunity for athletes and entrepreneurs alike to learn from Tahina's incredible journey and gain insights to shape their own successful post-sports careers.

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