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Entrepreneur and Circular Economy Champion, Yasmin Grigaliunas, at TEDxBrisbane

One of our fabulous speakers, Yasmin Grigaliunas, had the honour of presenting at one of the most renowned speaker events in the world, TEDx, right here in Brisbane city.

She spoke about the Founder's Journey and shared some tips for aspiring founders out there.

Read below Yas' account of speaking at TEDxBrisbane or read it on her LinkedIn page!

"What an honour to take the stage at TEDxBrisbane to share my personal journey as a founder.

Years ago I made up a quote (I tend to do this a lot 😉), to highlight the importance of our authentic voice, our unfiltered images & our vulnerable stories.

Ultimately, the quote challenges us to have "Less Showreel & More Real Reel" in our lives.

I took my own advice & kept it "real reel" inspire other founders to embrace the tragedy & the trauma along the way, knowing that we can triumph.

I also declared publicly that "I Love Myself", knowing that here in Australia our tall-poppy culture makes this ultra risky. The journey to reach this place of peace, positivity, passion & personal power was far too important to not share. Thank you for the inspiration Dixie Crawford. #ILoveMyself

It was a privilege to stand on the red circle with inspiring voices, shape-shifting leaders, life lovers & game changers.

The exceptional visual scribe by Gavin Blake, was simply mind-blowing. Gavin created these live, having not heard our talks, yet capturing the words & the feelings.

A special Thank You to my friends in the audience, especially for your unwavering unconditional support & love & for always having my back.

Harley, Peta, Prue, Sarah, Delfina, (Kaz), Bess, @Daimien Patterson, Sharné Calista Gous, Tom, Sarah, Justin, Ale, Elise.

To the powerhouse family behind the whole thing, your gift is the ultimate in utopia. Juanita & Rob Wheeler ❤️

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