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How to approach Podcasts as a guest

Approaching Podcast Hosts as a Guest

Here's some insight on how to approach podcast hosts about being guests on their shows. Remember that the goal is to provide value to the podcast host's audience NOT promote your product/service/ business.

Here are some steps and tips to consider when pitching yourself as a guest on podcasts:

Key Steps:

1. Understand the podcast landscape: Listen to various podcasts to identify the types you enjoy and can learn from. Note their format, style, and topics.

2. Determine your value proposition: Identify your expertise or what you can offer as a guest. Consider unique insights, stories, or tips valuable to the podcast's audience.

3. Research potential podcasts: Look for shows that align with your expertise or interests. Read the descriptions and understand the host's goals and audience.

4. Craft a compelling pitch: Write a personalized email to the host or their agency, explaining why you'd be valuable. Highlight the specific value you bring.

5. Include key details: Provide a brief bio and relevant content, such as headshots or social media links, to promote your appearance.

6. Consider cross-promotion: Propose promoting the episode to your audience if applicable, ensuring a clear value exchange.

7. Understand payment arrangements: Clarify if the opportunity is paid or unpaid before proceeding.

Cautionary Notes:

- Avoid sending generic pitches; tailor each one to the podcast and explain why you're a good fit.

- Respect the host's time; make your pitch concise and compelling.

- Ensure your pitch aligns with the podcast's goals and audience.

Tips for Efficiency:

- Prioritise podcasts closely aligned with your expertise or interests.

- Use templates or guidelines provided by newsletters or membership containers.

- Seek feedback and adjust your approach based on responses.

- Find a balance between being proactive and thoughtful; don't rush the process.

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