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It's official: Queen of Circular puts rescue, repair and repair on the agenda.


Renowned Keynote Speaker Yas Grigaliunus Becomes the First Chief Circular Entrepreneur, Celebrating Sustainable Innovation

BRISBANE, July 4, 2023

Hype Mogul PR is excited to announce that Yas Grigaliunus, the visionary Founder and Chief Evangelist of Circonomy, has been appointed as the first Chief Circular Entrepreneur for the Australian Circular Economy Council. This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon Yas Grigaliunus during a captivating keynote speech at the Australian Circular Economy Forum held at UNSW, hosted by Circular Australia and Impact X.

The Australian Circular Economy Forum brought together a distinguished audience, including influential professors, professionals, and circular economy pioneers. The event showcased the incredible progress and dedication of the circular economy sector, which has made significant strides since its early days when the concept was relatively unknown.

Yas Grigaliunus' keynote speech deeply resonated with the audience as it explored the crucial role of taking action and embracing repair as a fundamental aspect of the circular economy. Drawing inspiration from the experiences and entrepreneurial culture of Circonomy, Yas Grigaliunus emphasised the significance of testing, learning from failures, iterating, and ultimately repairing and rebuilding what has been lost in a society driven by convenience and consumption.

The keynote address highlighted that, just like individuals with unique imperfections, our possessions can also be cherished and valued if we invest time in repairing and rebuilding them. Yas Grigaliunus passionately advocated for resource repairability and the beauty of showcasing the uniqueness of repaired, reloved, and reimagined resources.

Following the impactful keynote address, Yas Grigaliunus was honoured to be formally announced as the inaugural Chief Circular Entrepreneur by Jo Taranto, the founder of Circular Australia. This esteemed recognition further solidifies Yas Grigaliunus' influential position in the circular economy sector and demonstrates his unwavering commitment to advocating for and accelerating sustainable systems change and scale.

Yas Grigaliunus expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the dedicated team at Circonomy, especially CEO Ryan Swenson, for their invaluable support in enabling broader advocacy and acceleration within the sector. With his role as Chief Evangelist at Circonomy and his new appointment as the Chief Circular Entrepreneur, Yas Grigaliunus is poised to significantly impact the Australian circular economy and contribute to the ongoing pursuit of sustainable solutions.

As a renowned and high-impact speaker with Hype Mogul PR, Yas Grigaliunus delivers thought-provoking and perspective-shaping keynotes that energise and inspire audiences to make a difference with bold authenticity in any sector.

Yas Grigaliunus is available for speaking engagements on the following topics:

1. Circular economy and sustainable business practices

2. Repair, reuse, and resource optimization

3. Entrepreneurship and innovation in sustainability

4. Building a regenerative economy

5. Circular design and product lifecycle management

To book Yas Grigaliunus as a speaker or for media inquiries, please contact:

Peta Ellis


Hype Mogul PR

Phone: 0420374733



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